Don't change your lifestyle to suit your pump. Change your pump to fit your lifestyle

Pump anytime, anywhere and around anyone with the mobile Liberty pump

Freemie, the clear choice

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Pump with your shirt on 

Freemie Collection Cups

for concealable, hands-free double pumping

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Pump compatibility

Freemie Freedom


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Pump hands free

Freemie Freedom


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See how easy it is to pump in public.

Slide the concealable cups under your shirt and into your bra.

Connect the cups to a compatible pump.

Work, play or relax while you pump.

Remove the cups and pour the milk into bottles.

Watch how the Freemie system works.

Learn how freemie was born

It's often said that necessity is the mother of invention. When it comes to Freemie, nothing could be more true. Learn how Stella Dao, working physician and mother of three, was inspired to invent the Freemie system, an entirely new way to pump.