Droplet Breast Pump with Imani Cups


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Includes everything you need to start your pumping journey.

This powerful little mobile pump fits into the palm of your hand and overs four different suction modes as well as various different levels of suction strength in each mode.

The Droplet Pump is a very quiet pump which can be used as a double or single pump.

About the Droplet with imani cups System

Hands Free, Discreet Milk Collection System

Pump and Feed Your Baby Simultaneously

Each Cup Holds 200ml.

Made Without latex, BPA or DEHP

Easy To Clean and Sanitize


  • Collection Cup Assembly (1)
    • Imani Collection Cup Includes two (2) 25mm soft touch funnels, two (2) 21mm silicone inserts , two (2) cups, two (2) valve bases, two (2) barriers, two (2) duckbill valves and two (2) white caps.
  • Imani Air Hose Connection Kit (1)
    • 3 lengths of Tubing and a Y-Connector
  • Droplet Breast Pump
  • USB Charging cable

Please read the instructions thoroughly before first use.

*Sales price not applicable to medical aid claims