Droplet inserts (Two per set)


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Package contents: Each Droplet package includes two inserts per size. Sizes shown are the diameter in millimeters of the opening your nipple fits into. Select your sizes from the drop down menu.

Our Droplet cup set include 24mm silicone soft touch funnels, which are suitable and preferred by the majority of customers. But some customers require smaller sizes. The 26mm insert is only compatible with the 28mm funnel and cannot be used with the 24mm funnel.

Our soft silicone inserts are used to reduce the size of our funnels’ diameters. Droplet Silicone Inserts come in 4 different diameters ranging from 18mm to 26mm. Droplet Inserts are designed to be slipped into Droplet Cups’ Funnels to help you find the optimal fit. Every woman is different, and the diameter, shape and feel of your breast pump’s funnels can be as important as finding the right pair of shoes to successful pumping. You may even find that different sizes for each breast work best for you.

While we unfortunately don’t have enough options and sizes to find the perfect fit for every woman, we do have inserts that span the most popular range of sizes in two millimeter increments. And we’re working on more, so if we don’t have the size you need, please tell us. While we may not be able to make new sizes in time for you, your feedback will help us help more women in the future.


1) Inserts are not necessary for the proper functioning of the breast pump. These inserts are used only to reduce the diameter of the funnels’ tunnel, and provide a softer feel around the areola.

2) Most women’s breasts are not perfectly symmetrical. You may prefer different size funnels or inserts for each breast.

3) Droplet inserts must be used in conjunction with, and are not used in place of the Droplet Cups’ funnels.

4) Different women will have different results with silicone inserts. Some women will find the Droplet Cups’ soft touch silicone funnels to be more comfortable. A variety of factors, from the elasticity and shape of your breast tissue and areola, to the dryness of your skin, to the suction levels you set your pump to will affect which style and size breast funnel will work best for you. Unfortunately, trial and error is required to find the optimal fit and comfort for all breast pumps. And as these are personal use items, returns are not accepted as they cannot be resold.